12 June 2019

Wójcik Racing Team on the podium of the world championship!

Historical moment. Polish team stood on the podium of FIM Endurance World Championship. The team: Marek Szkopek, Kamil Krzemień and Philipp Steinmayr got the second place in Superstock class.

The Polish white and red flag flapped on the mast of the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben on Sunday evening the 9th of June 2019. The IV round of long-distance motorbike race was at the same time the finale for Superstock class. This was debut for this class in this season, which appeared to be a spectacular success. – I’m speechless! It is incredible! I’d like to thank so much to the whole team for such a great job. – says thrilled Kamil Krzemień. – These are emotions which cannot be described. Standing on the podium of the world championship is the biggest award for a contender, a crowning moment of hard work, commitment and many hours spent on a motorbike. To look down at the fans, Polish flags and all the joy we could bring to our fellow countrymen was priceless. I’d like to thank you all for all the support and faith in our success – says Marek Szkopek.

Marek joined the Superstock class team just before this round, shifting from EWC second team. He was supposed to be ‘a secret weapon’ for this race and, as it turned out, Grzegorz Wójcik’s strategy brought the intended result. Marek is an experienced rider and finds himself very easily in the new class. I knew that with his speed he’ll be a great boost for the chance to stand on the podium. Everything went just exactly as we planned. We are incredibly happy. Of course we are a little unfulfilled with the EWC class. Gino Rea and Christoffer Bergman were going among the leaders of the world champions, keeping 4th or 5th position most of the race. The Yamaha#77 team is a perfectly working body: from very fast and experienced riders, through world class mechanics and management. However, after Gino’s crash we knew we had very little chance to get on higher position, though we managed to fix the motorbike double quick. Thus I’d like to congratulate Gino and Christoffer on great job despite all the obstacles, and now, stronger, we’re going for the Suzuka in Japan – says Grzegorz Wójcik.

Wójcik Racing Team is the only team in the world championship that fielded two motorbikes placing a bet on both classes. Endurance World Championship is an unpredictable battle on a circuit. Even a small mistake of a rider or a motorbike can eliminate the team from the race. However, two teams means twice more emotions for the fans and bigger chance to get to the finish line, as it is the main goal of this race. Taking the podium, as it turned out, is not beyond our scope. We are a synchronised team which consists of world class professionals and thanks to that we are where we are. I want to thank all the team and I appreciate the huge involvement and hard work to achieve our success. – adds Wójcik.

Of all 39 teams taking part in 8 Houres EWC Oschersleben 8 teams didn’t complete the race. Wójcik Racing Team 2 Superstock, that is Yamaha #777 did 301 laps, finishing 6th overall and 2nd in their class. The fastest timing of one lap was 1:28:838. The racers got to pit stop seven times, which took altogether 6.5 minutes. The EWC squad with Yamaha #77 finished the race in the 12th place in their class and 22nd overall doing 289 laps with the fastest lap 1:27:653. This team got to pit stop eight times which, together with repairing the motorbike, took just over 24 minutes.

The final of the season FIM EWC 2018 – 2019 with only EWC class motorbikes will be on Saturday 27th July on the Japanese circuit Suzuka.