26 September 2019

Polish Team Wojcik Racing creates a history! A break through success in the world championship!

Bol D’Or – first round of 2019-2020 season World Endurance Championship have definitely belonged to Poles. Wojcik Racing Team has been a focus of attention of the whole world after first two hours of the race, dominated by the team in both categories: Formula EWC and Superstock. Not only the team presented itself as the fastest in the wet conditions, but also it crossed the finish line as a second in the general classification.

Polish Team on a podium
Gino Rea, Christoffer Bergman and Axel Maurin were the riders in the saddle of Yamaha motorcycle with the number 77. Competing in Formula EWC category, they accomplished 312 laps and 13 pit stops. The best lap time achieved on the French circuit Paul Ricard was 1:55:680. ‘’We showed to the whole world what Polish people are able to achieve. A while ago, it was a great success for us to finish the race. Today, we are fighting for the highest places on the podium. We crossed the finish line as a second team in world championship, competing with manufacturers teams with a far greater experience in endurance racing. For us it means a double success. I was proudly watching our team leading the race for a long time, although finishing second is a phenomenal result. We are aware endurance races are extremely unpredictable, therefore our priority was to keep the position on podium and cross the finish line without unnecessary adventures. I have to admit I am really moved. We have just began our third season in EWC, but the hard work of our mechanics and the whole team combined with strong riders line-up allowed us to be where we are today. We gather the momentum and getting stronger’’ – says team owner, Grzegorz Wójcik.

First place in Dunlop Independent Trophy
Dunlop Independent Trophy is the next trophy in the hands of Wojcik Racing Team. The independent teams cup was granted to the team as a distinction and financial support towards the future success. All competitors in the Trophy ride on a Dunlop tires.

Fantastic performance of Superstock team
Second team Wojcik Racing was extremely close to stand on a podium. Beside the fact the Superstock team was riding in the top three for the most of the race, the last few hours appeared to be more complicated then the team expected. The riders had to accept the 4th position in Superstock category and 14th in the general world championship classification. On the #777 motorcycle we could see Marek Szkopek, Kamil Krzemień and Philipp Steinmayr. Together, they covered 305 laps with 11 pit stops. The fastest lap time was 1:57:747.

Exceptional twists of action
An exceptional situation appeared during the FIM EWC 2019-2020 opening round Bol D’Or. The weather conditions forced the race direction to put out a red flag and suspend the race at Saturday evening – three hours after the start of the race. Following the decision of the commission, the re-start was planned at 6 in the morning. The motorcycles headed out, following the safety car, remaining in the same order as before the flag.

Despite of wet track conditions and strong wind, Wojcik Racing crew performed well. The Yamaha #77 motorcycle was at the first position in the ranking after 2 hours of the race. Polish tem not only took the lead, defeating manufacturer teams, but also maintained the position for a significant duration of the race at Saturday. Superstock #777 also performed on a high level and were classified at 7th position after 2 hours classification.

The first round of the new season FIM World Endurance Championship ended at Sunday, 3.p.m. Second round is going to take place in Sepang circuit, Malaysia. Both teams, #77 and #777, will rival representing Wojcik Racing Team.